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1. What makes your district so special?

Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf - like the whole of Berlin - can be experienced very differently depending on the district. To the west is the 3000-hectare Grunewald urban forest, next to it are bourgeois and urban areas and the shopping mile around the Kudamm. There is also the Technical University, Volkspark Jungfernheide to the north and Volkspark Wilmersdorf to the south. The generally above-average social structure promotes the civic engagement of residents, and there are many initiatives and associations that are committed to the operation of neighborhood houses, the preservation of garden colonies or ecological and sustainable urban development, among other things.

2. Which green and sustainable places does our district have to offer?

The Grunewald urban forest is home to the lively open-air exhibition "Wald. Berlin. Climate" with a 4 km long circular trail and information islands on adapting the forest to climate change.

The Ökowerk nature conservation center is also located in Grunewald, an important partner for environmental education and species and nature conservation in Berlin. Ökowerk was opened in 1985 and today offers a wide range of programs for children and young people of all ages as a green place of learning.

The Volkspark Jungfernheide in Charlottenburg-Nord has been extensively renovated in recent years in an ecologically sustainable manner in addition to its function as a local recreation and nature experience site. The measures to increase climate resilience include the long-term storage of CO² in biochar and the use of organic seeds that are well adapted to the site conditions. The new sustainable forest playground was opened in March 2024.

Since 2015, the district has been working to strengthen projects and collaborations that create ecologically sustainable, regional and local food structures as an edible district . This includes, for example, the cultivation of herbs, fruit or vegetables in public spaces or in edible gardens, an appropriate selection of shrubs and trees when planting green spaces and playgrounds, but also cooperation with producers, for example in the surrounding areas of Brandenburg, and educational projects on sustainable agriculture and fair supply chains.

3. Which are the topics that we are most concerned with in the district?

At the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf coordination office, we are constantly working to strengthen nature, environmental, climate and sustainability education issues in the district. We network, coordinate and create sustainable, i.e. competent, reliable and long-term cooperation-based structures for environmental education in the district. The main task of the coordination office is to connect teachers and learners and to publicize the environmental education offers in the district. The coordination office bundles, communicates and manages content, offers and needs in the field of environmental education in a targeted manner and is therefore an important contact point for nature experience locations, environmental education institutions, interested parties and stakeholders. The aim of the coordination office is to act as a service provider for the promotion and networking of the environmental and nature education landscape in the district. We develop the district's offer structure and train ourselves and others in order to develop knowledge on nature, environmental, climate and sustainability education topics, to continuously improve them in a targeted and demand-oriented manner and to communicate them to the public. In this way, we indirectly contribute to preserving and expanding biodiversity in urban habitats together with the people of the district, for the benefit of all Berliners.