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Who or what is behind "NATUR STADT BERLIN" – Urban Nature in Berlin?

We are the Netzwerk der Berliner Koordinierungsstellen für Natur-, Umwelt-, Klima- und Nachhaltigkeitsbildung (=network of Berlin coordination offices for nature, environment, climate and sustainability education). Yes, that is a long name. And to make exactly these topics more accessible to you, we have launched the website "NATUR STADT BERLIN". As part of our network, we want to introduce people like you to the diversity of environmental education in Berlin. Together we make sure that Berlin remains a true nature city with many green facets. Our diverse and colorful offers and experiences make our green city experienceable to the visitors as well as the residents.

Our mission – to anchor URBAN NATURE IN BERLIN in your minds

We want to show you what Berlin has to offer in terms of nature. In order to do so, we have created direct points of contact with nature as well as environmental, climate and sustainability topics that are interesting for everyone. Likewise, we want to draw attention to the challenges that today's world brings in this regard. We show that nature must be an indispensable part of urban design and how significant it is to ensure its continued co-existence.

How does the whole thing work?

You have to imagine it like this: Berlin is a big city and for (almost) every district there is a so-called coordination office. There are 12 of them in total.

The team of the respective coordination office in the districts knows exactly which offers of nature, environment, climate and sustainability education each individual district has to offer. They will support you in word and deed. The individual offers are provided by the contributors of the respective districts.

Photo of a flower meadow with a wild bee in the foreground

Do you have questions or comments directly to us?

No problem! Here you can contact us!