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Photo Christoph Wenzel

1. What makes your district so special?

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg resembles a colorful mosaic. The district is urban, densely populated and the public spaces areas are heavily used. Even though urban nature and wild green spaces are rather rare, our district is characterized by its numerous and diverse initiatives and contributors. Up to now, there is no central location for nature, environmental, climate and sustainability education. Yet, every small area is used by creative and committed contributors and residents, thus weaving a dense network of decentralized offers and places.

2. Which green and sustainable places does our district have to offer?

Riparian corridors of urban canals, high density of urban gardens, diverse habitats of urban nature on the smallest areas, food hubs, car-free neighborhoods, floating university, Bunkerberg, open space Wriezener Park.

3. Whicht are topics that we are most concerned with in the district?

We at the coordination office are primarily concerned with establishing at least one environmental education center in the district. Moreover, we work on maintaining and improving the already existing areas for NUK+N education. Our strength lies in communication and active networking between administration, politics and civil society. Thereby we can help contributors, initiatives and citizens to strengthen projects and places of the topics nature, environment, climate and sustainability. In addition, we actively report on many channels about places and distributors in our district in order to reach as many citizens as possible.